I knew Christina Wang Kloster '05 in passing through Newman Catholic Ministry on campus, but we really became friends in New York City as twenty-somethings charting our paths.

Christina inspired me to become a healthier person, figuratively and literally. We ran together along the Central Park Reservoir. I started from being able to run about a minute at a time with three-minute walk breaks to running an entire 5k.

Our bond centered on the power of positive thinking. When I struggled with the bar exam, she took me out to a fancy dinner and called it a Resilience Party. When she got married, I served as her maid of honor. Together, we got into shape for her wedding by doing Bridal Bootcamp.

Now we are reunited in DC, and she is helping me train for my first 10k ever, the Lawyers Have Heart race in D.C. If my Wellesley sister hadn't been such a positive role model, I would never have achieved my best shape and my best self.