Wherever I go in the world, I’ve noticed that people react to the same few things about my life experience. One of those is my Wellesley education. It comes in the form of a raised eyebrow, a smile and nod, a comment about how I'm a natural leader or how I exude confidence as well as respect for others. There is an implied understanding that, being a Wellesley woman, I am of a different breed. I earned it, and I have used it every day since graduating in 1997. When I am asked about my background, as soon as I mention Wellesley I see the '"ah ha" moment in the other person: 'THAT is why she's different; I knew there was something.' Wellesley isn't solely responsible for who I am today, but it certainly helped shape my outlook on the world and how I conduct myself. Wellesley gave me the confidence to look anyone in the eye and, if needed, give them a "don't mess with a Wellesley woman" attitude.