I have felt connected to the community of women, and the strength and independence they embody, since high school. The women are what make the spirit of Wellesley, and keep it alive. Everything else builds the context that attracts and inspires us—the professors and small classes, the beautiful campus, and traditions like Flower Sunday and Tower Court. Without those rituals that give every Wellesley woman, whether 80 or 18, the same experience, there is no thread that holds us all together.

Any incoming student excited about coming to Wellesley will tell you it is because of the women she met. Wellesley should keep in mind that it is the alumnae and their connection to Wellesley, and the current students and their enthusiasm, that continue the cycle. There are certain things that tie us all together and inspire the next generation of women to partake in Wellesley, and it is those things that embody the Wellesley spirit that should be nurtured.