I benefited from the small classes, largely taught by professors rather than post-doc students, and the interactions with classmates. The all-female student environment enabled me to focus on my academic work and empowered me to become a strong, independent thinker. The beauty of the campus, with its trees, lake, pond, and arboretum, gave me spiritual solace. I am grateful to Wellesley for preparing me for medical school, but also for allowing me to major in Spanish and develop the appreciation that I still have for Spanish language, literature, and culture.

My feelings towards Wellesley have become even more positive in the past five years, since I have been more involved in activities that have enabled me to interact with Wellesley alumnae and Wellesley students. In the past few years, I have been fortunate to know several Wellesley students and have been impressed by their intelligence, creativity, and desire to contribute to society. I have learned from these students and from alumnae and college publications how Wellesley has advanced, and in many ways is a better place to study now compared to the 1970s.