I didn't realize when I attended how formative the experience was. Everywhere I go on campus, young women are leading discussions, organizations and clubs. Women are speaking up in class. Women are studying science and math, history and economics. They are evaluated based on their minds and character. That all became so normal to me when I was there, so that when I graduated I had a strong sense that I could do anything. I really do believe Wellesley women have extraordinary confidence and maturity. I have also maintained tremendous friendships from college that I haven't been able to replicate with other women. Finally, my involvement in local Wellesley clubs has connected me to alums in my area and we all share fun stories of our time at Wellesley. It made me want to get involved in alumnae interviews, too, so that I could encourage more young women to consider the school. Most of us who went needed a little push, but I cannot begin to express how happy I am that someone “pushed” me.