The Alumnae Network It was only this weekend that I first attended Alumnae Leadership Council as an "official Alumna", but it was not the first time that I had seen the embracing and passionate Alumnae Network. My work for the Alumnae Association encouraged me to run for Class Treasurer and become a voice of the network. However, I had seen the power of Wellesley Women from the first day I stepped foot on the winding campus. There are times where students at Wellesley College want to cry. It could be about the academics, life problems, and many other problems that face the stress-impacted "bubble". I found some solitude in my work at the Alumnae Association and had a peak in the strong network of women that waited for me after graduation. I wanted to become a part of it now. Luckily, I was able to attend the Alumnae Achievement Awards and remember being struck by how wonderful the award recipients were. I worked Reunion that following summer and was touched by the class (lovely '74) and how vibrant, exciting, and dedicated they were to the mission of Wellesley. The Wellesley Effect is essentially, campaigning for a large initiative to bridge the Alumnae Network to the current students. What I didn't realize as a student is that these strong women are always there. You don't have to be a graduate to connect with them. I hope my story and background can encourage current students and alumnae to see the effect that Wellesley has had on my life.