"I went to BC Law as a second career, and I was lucky to be in a class of 270 students with 4 other Wellesley women. All much younger, but much smarter than me, three of these women were also section mates during our first year. Constitutional Law is taught during the first year of law school. In this class we talked about some of the most important legal issues in our history. At Wellesley, we all spoke our minds. In law school I was surprised that while our section was evenly divided, the women always deferred to the men. That is except for us ""Blue Eagles""- the Wellesley graduates. Together we commented and consistently held the fort for all the other quiet women in the room on all sorts of legal issues- 1st amendment free speech and pornography, women's rights, equal access to higher education, and abortion. Our teachers immediately knew we were the Wellesley alumna, without even having to tell them. Wellesley made us leaders and gave us the confidence and tools to advocate for ourselves and others. "