Wellesley is the context for everything I do in my life. My closest friends all went to Wellesley or came to me through my Wellesley network, and those women have supported me through joy and tragedy, and made me a more resilient and capable person because I can rely on them. Being constantly intellectually challenged and engaged by my closest friends has kept my mind flexible, and prevents me from settling into an intellectual rut. On a professional level, I can say without a doubt that whatever I have achieved in my career has been because of Wellesley. Sometimes I received an offer because Wellesley was on my resume, other times I've found work through a Wellesley connection, and globally speaking, everything I do every single day is based on the skills, confidence and sense of adventure that Wellesley taught me.

I thank my lucky stars constantly that I found Wellesley when I was a confused highs school senior!