I loved math in high school but could only take as much as Algebra 2. Yet, I wanted to explore new things, so freshman year I took no math and took physics instead. I loved physics and Ms. Heyworth!! As a result I signed up for the next course and struggled because I didn't have the math. I made it because I got a lot of help and then got on the math track but alas too late. But I continued with math and chemistry and ended up with a chemistry major but declared history as my major because I thought I would pass their General Exam.

When I decided to teach I applied at Winsor School in Boston to teach math but told them I could also teach chemistry, history and possibly physics. They hired me to teach chemistry and physics because they wanted Wellesley graduates. I replaced one. I really wasn't qualified to teach physics but with help from physics faculty at Wellesley, I succeeded. Winsor then hired my replacement from Welllesley!!

I went on to marry and have a family deciding I needed to be qualified for work in case anything happened to my husband. I dared to apply for a MS in mathematics (lab courses were too much time away from home.) and was accepted. I was woefully behind my classmates in course work but I knew that Wellesley had taught me how to think!! After graduation I was hired by the University to teach.

From then on, I was always able to land a teaching position wherever we moved. In fact, in Kansas City I was hired by a Wellesley alum who was head of Sunset Hill School to teach math.

The Wellesley connection has made all the difference wherever I have lived. The Alumnae Club was my first contact with the wider community in many cities. I continue to rejoice at Wellesley contacts and especially reuniting with classmates. As someone once said who knew many of us alums professionally "I think they sprayed you all with something special!"