Many colleges and universities have activities and clubs for students, but at Wellesley the students bring these groups and experiences to life. Working together, they create a vibrant community filled with fun, activism, learning, and stewardship.

While the sheer number of opportunities - I believe it's almost 200 - is impressive, the fact that they are initiated and executed by students is astounding. The collective power of student leaders and volunteers passionately working together to shape their community is what makes Wellesley... Wellesley.

It is no surprise that the desire to partner with one another and build a network does not end upon graduation. The moment you accept your diploma, you become part of THE most powerful women's network - the Wellesley alumnae community. Because of the dedication, enthusiasm, and determination of alumnae leaders and volunteers, Wellesley alumnae have endless opportunities to connect. So whether you are a student or an alumna, you will always have a network of friends, leaders, and teachers to help, support, and inspire you.