In 2001 I was a freelance writer/producer in NY, looking for work. A friend suggested I call X,  who worked at a TV network, and was in a position to hire me. I called X every other week or so, over the course of several months. Could not get her to return my phone call, but developed a lovely rapport with her assistant. 

One day I said, "Look, just HOW busy is this woman that she can't return ONE phone call, after so-and-so referred me?!!  What -- is she as busy as -- Hillary Clinton?!" 

"Well....maybe...I don't -- "

"You know what?" I said. "She must be busier than Hillary Clinton! If I really needed to talk to Hillary Clinton, I could get Hillary Clinton on the phone. Because I went to Wellesley and Hillary Clinton went to Wellesley, and I know she would return my call!"

There was a pause.  "X went to Wellesley". 

And I said, "Well, you tell  X  Elisabeth Grace called -- '1-9-8-3 WELLESLEY RAH!!'" 

Within 24 hours, X had her assistant call me to schedule a lunch.  I was given the chance to pitch ideas for an upcoming campaign. I won the pitch, and it paid my rent for a year. 

X, btw, was an awesome boss -- super smart, creative and savvy. I learned a lot working for her.