Not a day goes by when I am not touched by Wellesley. Even after 25 years, I have almost daily contact with the friends that I made on my first day in college. We call, text, e-mail, and check up on each other via Facebook and other social media sites. My best friends 25 years ago are still my best friends today. In addition, being a graduate of Wellesley is a badge of honor that I wear every day. Some days, I keep it quietly hidden as I navigate through work, home life, and chores. On other harder days, I wear it close to my heart knowing that it will give me strength, love, and support. The Wellesley Effect means knowing that I am not alone in this journey through life. The Wellesley Effect is knowing that there are other women of all ages and backgrounds from around the world who care for me and want me to succeed. Some, I have known since I was 18. But most are women that I do not know. Our sole bond is Wellesley. But that is enough. There is an innate love, trust, and honest energy that infuses our relationships and forces us every day to work hard, stay curious and creative, question the status quo, and be kind and considerate to one another. The Wellesley Effect is a halo that keeps me feeling safe, happy, and grounded. I cannot imagine my life without Wellesley. Thank you!