I arrived at Wellesley two weeks before my first year classmates, as a number of us were trying out for the tennis team. Almost immediately, I knew I was in the right place. My teammates were the greatest: upper class women from whom I could seek advice and counsel, great athletes who pushed each other to improve on the court and off, and two incredible doubles partners with whom I would achieve more than I ever thought possible in my tennis playing career. I loved going out to the courts each afternoon, especially in the fall as the leaves changed. We worked hard together, we often ate dinner together, and as life has unfolded, these women, my teammates, have been there for me through thick and thin. So many of the lessons I learned while I was part of that team, and then being co-captain, stuck with me as I moved into my business career. Having goals, working hard with a team to achieve them, celebrating the successes, learning from the mistakes, and persevering….these are just a few of the things I learned from the team.

Another element of the Wellesley Effect is of course the outstanding faculty who taught me, but were there for much more than the academics. They too, were coaches and advisors, and have remained so throughout my life.

Finally, the friends I made truly are lifelong friends. We can be apart for months or years and pick up as though we were just sitting in the halls of Pomeroy the night before (eating ice cream out of our mugs!).

Teammates, friends, faculty, and alumnae role models have been the fuel in my engine since the day I arrived. I am so grateful for the entire experience. Simply put, the Wellesley Effect is Awesome!