My relationship to Wellesley has moved from student to alumna volunteer to member of the administrative staff and now back to the volunteer ranks. When I graduated in 1967 with a major in economics, little did I know that my first job would be as a computer programmer who was hired with the provision that I complete the 3 months training program. I found that I loved programming (in basic assembler language) even though it was difficult to explain my work because there was a limited vocabulary.

It was my technical skills that led to my 25 year employment at Wellesley, first as a programmer and eventually as the College Registrar for 13 years. As a staff member, I loved being part of a vibrant academic community, working closely with students, faculty, and staff.

There was a hiatus of 12 years between my first jobs and my eventual employment at Wellesley during which I stayed home when the first 3 of our 4 children were young. It was during those years that I served as a volunteer in several capacities and worked with some amazing alumnae.

I retired from the College in 2009 and now am the president of the Wellesley Students' Aid Society, an independent organization that dates back to the founding of the College. In this role, I am again working with an outstanding Board and love the fact that I continue to meet with students and continue my connection with faculty and staff.