I went to Wellesley with a dream of being educated for a lifetime. And have I ever! I was a 17 year old freshman in fall of '83 from northern Virginia. My father, an AF Colonel, had been killed 6 weeks before I started my freshman year. Wellesley provided me with the space, quiet, and intellectual challenge -not to mention the social scene when I wanted it - to grow and explore beyond the world I'd grown up in.

I went on to marry my college boyfriend (Dan Green, Harvard '86), and have four children. I also have an MBD from Duke ('93) and worked for big companies for many years (M&M/Mars, Fidelity). I've also been active in the local Wellesley alumnae scene, notably WCAB and on the WCAA board and AAA awards committee. Personal loves include travel, running, meeting Wellesley alumnae in my journeys, and making days brighter for others.

The photo I've enclosed is of me at the Zion Care orphanage in TZ with some wonderful children I worked with in Dec. 2013. Education, without a doubt, is one of the cornerstones to a better world for all.