For me, Non Ministrari sed Ministrare means giving back, being a good social citizen, and figuring out ways in which the knowledge that you have and the work that you do can impact a community that might need some support.

Leadership, to me, means not necessarily my own development, but always making sure that I'm looking back to see if there's somebody else that I can bring up with me.

I am the Arts Boston Audience Lab Director. It is a data-driven, marketing focused, cohort-based learning initiative that looks at issues of audience diversification, so getting more audiences of color to engage in arts and culture throughout the area, and having more arts attendance.

I worked in college admissions for several years, most recently at Wellesley. I left two years ago because I wanted to get back into the arts, because it's been a huge passion of mine since I was a kid. I love theater, I love performing, I love watching theater, and being a part of it has been such an integral part of who I am as an individual.

When I came back the arts, I noticed that though I frequently discussed issues of diversity and equity with other art administrators, there weren’t many people of color at the table. When I was at Wellesley, I was part of a network for admission officers and financial aid officers of color with the Ivy League and the Seven Sister schools. So I started to ask: “Does Boston have a network for arts administrators of color?” There was nothing official that anybody knew about, maybe some unofficial gatherings here or there, but nothing that was similar to the previous organization that I was a part of at Wellesley.  So I decided to start Network for Arts Administrators of Color Boston (NAAC Boston).

When I graduated from Wellesley, I had no idea that I could work in arts administration, I just figured I could be a performer, or I could be behind the scenes and be on tech, but I had no idea that I could go into marketing or development or management in this field. So with Network for Arts Administrators of Color Boston (NAAC Boston) we want to make sure that we're creating a pipeline, that the information is available, that there is training for people to move up to management positions.

Victoria George ’05 is the Arts Boston Audience Lab Director, and the founder of Network for Arts Administrators of Color Boston (NAAC Boston).