I gravitate toward the path of most reversibility when it comes to decision making.

But in improv it doesn't work. You can't live like that in improv. So if it's taught me anything, it's the value of being sure for the sake of being sure. At some point it's not about being right. It's just about being able to make a decision and live with the decision and back up a decision. That's a big thing I've taken away from improv, slowly but surely.

Grace Leeson ’14  worked on a web series that I made about Hillary Clinton through Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB). We didn't meet at Wellesley, but we both ended up in New York and that was enough to forge an immediate bond. Just having Dead Serious in common, and having Wellesley in common--it felt like there was a common value system and common understanding. That was enough for us to take off running in a professional relationship, and that's wonderful.

When I think of myself as an improv teacher, I think of myself as the person responsible for encouraging other people to find their voices and encouraging other people to open up and figure out the path that's right for them.

Drespel is an actor, writer, and teacher at Upright Citizens Brigade. She has written for The Chris Gethard Show and Wet Hot American Summer, and has appeared on 30 Rock and Broad City