A memoir, a few careers, motherhood, spousehood...I can go on. My life has been thankfully full, because I have been able to act upon my inspirations and realize my dreams. For someone who came to the US at 13 without knowing much English or family resources, getting into Wellesley was a blessing. Wellesley gave me a shot -academically, financially, and socially. I have colleagues and cohorts from Wellesley who are lifelong friends -many of whom I consider family. I loved my time attending Wellesley. The women were amazing because we were a thoughtful, incisive bunch. When I meet other Wellesley women now, we are consistently this way: Women who Will. I'm always impressed (and comforted) by this instant recognition and resonance. At age 50, I appreciate my liberal-arts critical and creative thinking even more -it has paved several paths for me to making some dents in others' lives. To me, this is the Wellesley Effect, the Equalizer that uncovers talent and promotes efficacy in a world that needs balance and harmony.