When I heard about the men that came to campus the day after the election, waving Trump signs and spewing hate speech, I was devastated. The Wellesley campus has been the only place where I have ever felt completely safe as a woman, and these men violated that space. For my first two years at Wellesley, I took that feeling of safety for granted. But then I spent my junior year studying abroad in Russia, where I felt vulnerable and in danger every moment. In Russia, I was harassed, I was catcalled, and I was sexually assaulted not once, but twice on the subway. When I returned to Wellesley for my senior year, I appreciated just how special that safe space is for women. And now, having been out in the world away from Wellesley for six years, I miss the comfort and safety I felt on the Wellesley College campus every single day. Please never stop fighting to keep the campus the magical haven that it is for young women.