As an only child I had no idea that one day I would have a dear husband, three wonderful daughters and so enjoy working with so many bright, kind and special women and men. Volunteer work for Wellesley filled my spare hours in New Jersey (two little girls then) and brought great joy when we moved to the Rochester NY area. This work was important to me - as a scholarship recipient I felt the need to pay back by helping to raise money for that fund. My time as president of that Wellesley Club was special (included a visit from Mildred McAfee Horton at a dinner attended by about 100+ alums and the new president/wife of the University of Rochester). Fourteen years as the first Executive Director of the Monroe County School Boards Association (after six years as a local school board member) provided many opportunities to educate, train, and lobby with the board members in Albany and Washington, DC. During these years our daughters attended college (Oberlin, Wellesley and Mary Washington University) and held interesting jobs. Marriages for two brought forth four grandchildren (and now one great-grandson). As I serve as the president of the resident association at an independent senior living facility I smile, thinking that Wellesley has indeed provided me with the background to serve folks of all ages through so many of their joys, trials and tribulations. It has been a journey that provides so many memories - the usual ups and downs of each of our lives. And books - where would we be without a book to read (and I was a math major with Miss Stark and Miss Russell.)! Ola Winslow, professor at Wellesley, enriched my natural affinity for a good book to read. A wondrous library here where I live provides the books that sustain me every day. At 89, life is good.