A Wellesley woman is a life-long learner and doer. She applies herself fully to whatever her current priority might be - studies, friendships, family, career, volunteering, well-being, etc. It is nearly impossible to do everything well all at the same time but a Wellesley woman knows what is important and what requires her best effort. My friendships with my Wellesley classmates, professors and alumnae have endured for over 25 years and have filled my life with joy, challenge and inspiration.

I am often asked what advice I would give to Wellesley College applicants. I say to visit any college or university before deciding to enroll there, if time and finances permit. It is the only way to get a true sense of the environment and community and to know if it is the right place for you. No school is perfect but a college student needs to discover independently their niche, people, best habits and talents. Wellesley was absolutely the right choice for me. I knew it the moment I entered the stunningly beautiful campus. It was not easy to decide what major to pursue or how to manage the work load but eventually everyone finds their way. For some it happens sooner and for others it takes longer. This is okay. I still make mistakes, but I cherish them as continuing opportunities to develop. I am infinitely grateful for my Wellesley experience and relationships. And the benefits of my Wellesley education never seem to stop accruing.