It has given me the confidence, desire, and knowledge to learn and tackle new information, and to pursue challenging goals. It increased my horizon and appreciation of the world in general, and the College introduced me to good and lasting friends and contacts.

A fine operations research firm hired me after I received an M.S. in math, and passed their in-house test. One of the two principals of the firm had received a Ph.D. in math from Harvard, and I’m sure recognized a Wellesley education. They had worked for the military and were cleared for top secret, and employees needed to be cleared for secret. This was 1958 and the firm had one of the early computers. We used it, as we worked on both military and commercial projects. What an amazing and thrilling experience!

Even after marrying, raising three children, and moving several times, I would join the local Wellesley Club and Friends of Art and had computer jobs as a system analyst and senior computer programmer.  Now, retired, I’ve taken up art, and fondly remember Wellesley’s art history class, which I enjoyed so much.

Wellesley has enriched and broadened my life in multitude ways. I can’t thank Wellesley enough!