Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, the attitudes towards women and work were very sad. After graduation, one employer said I was over qualified for a position in their marketing department. With two years of personnel banking experience, I returned to Boston for a somewhat improved attitude towards women & jobs. Still, when asked for a raise to the level of my male counterparts, my boss said, “But we’ve treated you so well for a girl.”

With my Wellesley economics degree and sense of self, it has been possible to move up through a variety of corporate ladders to Senior Vice President of a mutual fund company and then to start a small consulting business. Volunteer work is also an important part of life. My life has been very good and I credit my father and Carolyn Shaw Bell, professor of economics, with much of my success. Anyone who goes to Wellesley, manages the various pressures there, and graduates will be on the road to a good life.