As a student in the early eighties, I fell in love with Wellesley for the quality of the academics, the diversity of the student body (at least compared to where I had come from), and the beauty of the campus. However, I don't excel at keeping connections to the past open, and I lost touch with Wellesley until my oldest daughter became college-age, and I made her go there. :). At that point, I reconnected with Wellesley through her eyes and fell in love again for the same reasons. My daughter has since graduated, and, a couple years ago, she clued me into the existence of Community on Facebook. I have become addicted. I tend to skip over anything on my Facebook feed that is not Community related in search of the voices of women I see as my peers. I love to read about their experiences and their opinions. When they reach out for help, I enjoy doing what I can. And I appreciate when they do the same for me.