When I returned with my family to the United States in 1976, one of my initial goals was to complete my undergraduate degree. Having lived six years in Belgium, I had become passionate about European civilization and equally enthralled with the French and Dutch languages. I enrolled at Wellesley in 1979 as a Continuing Education student. Never once did I look back, save to frequently recall that my Wellesley education had given me some of the most meaningful and happiest years of my life. It was a time that was intellectually and emotionally fulfilling; it was so because of professors who engaged, who challenged, who never failed to mentor a somewhat insecure scholar. Jonathan Knudsen and Frances Gouda encouraged me when self-doubt threatened; they, in particular, instilled in me a belief that I could, and would, succeed. Defending my Wellesley Honors thesis, earning a Masters Degree at Boston University was due to the support and encouragement of not only my family, but to each of my many professors at Wellesley. To each, to all, I shall be forever grateful.