The Wellesley Effect provides me with the confidence to do and be whoever and whatever I want. Wellesley also gave me the friends who love and support me in all that I am and do. I can be a bold feminist and still love my heels and sexy little black dress.

While many of my Wellesley friends have gone on to professional and personal greatness, my path has been more winding. I have always worked and been successful in my professional and volunteer lives but I also have the confidence to make my family my top priority and be proud of that too. Motherhood is also a respected vocation. The friends I had and have from Wellesley support me fully. There is not the knocking down of fellow women one hears about elsewhere.

The diversity present at Wellesley, even in the 80's, inspired me to seek out a work and home community that celebrates difference and works for social justice. I felt a surge of pride when, once engaged in a SEED group, learned SEED was created at Wellesley.

For me, the Wellesley Effect provides confidence in one's self, authentic friendships, and an appreciation of difference. Thank you, Wellesley!