A friend's daughter was looking into colleges and my friend knew of my enthusiasm for Wellesley. My friend asked me why I think her daughter should consider a women's college (or perhaps it was "why Wellesley?"). I thought about it and tried to explain the myriad benefits of a Wellesley education. It happened to be March and I said something to the effect of "every day at Wellesley is Women's History day" and I saw her face light up. Her daughter did not go to Wellesley but what I said that day still applies. I am grateful for my professors who loved to teach and always gave examples of female role models in their fields, be it Astronomy, Political Science, History, Biology or the many other fields taught at Wellesley. Moreover, all of my professors encouraged intellectual rigor, analytical skills, and emphasized good writing. These skills serve me today as an attorney and manager.

For a kid who grew up in the concrete jungle of NYC, taking the subway to school, I must emphasize how important the beauty of the Wellesley campus was to me as physical and mental nourishment. Whenever I return to campus, I breathe deeply and feel the Wellesley Effect. So I want to thank you, Wellesley, for giving me a generous grant so that I can be part of the Sisterhood and experienced all that Wellesley had to offer - the lasting friendships, intelligent respectful debates on wide-ranging topics, caring staff and teachers, traditions, visual beauty, and satisfying my intellectual curiosity.