My choice of Economics as my major and Lawrence Smith's “Corporation Finance” were the foundation of my career and my life. Starting at Scudder, Stevens and Clark, a brokerage firm, in its bond department after graduation and retiring from hospital finance at Boston Medical Center, I used financial analysis as a day-to-day tool. As well, I have been able to be totally responsible for my personal finances.

During my years at Wellesley, Hillel was barely starting on campus. We were pleased to attend functions at Harvard Hillel. Over the years, the program grew and, in most years, my gift designated Hillel. When friends learned that I was retiring in 1996, I was asked to be on the Hillel Alumnae Board. Six months later, sitting in my kitchen eating breakfast, I was asked to be the board president. I was so pleased to be able to help strengthen the Hillel program. During my term, with the support of so many generous alumnae, we raised over one million dollars to help perpetuate Wellesley Hillel. I continue a strong bond with friends I have made through the Hillel board.

In addition, I must add that I have been fortunate to serve my class during the five years before our 50th reunion as vice-president and will again work with Patti Cox Mansfield as co-president of our class starting at our 65th reunion. As a result, I have made many new close friends in our class later in life.

Wellesley College has enriched my life! I could had selected most of the tags listed below