I was unhappy Freshman year, and 'got on with it' in my 2nd and 3rd years thanks to friends. Senior year started off with a high and a low: I was Orientation Chair for the Class of '84 (great fun) but my mother was in intensive care in Phoenix and my father was keeping me at arm's length so I could 'enjoy' Orientation. The late, distinguished Dr. Carol Johnson-Johns was acting President. Knowing I was upset and preoccupied by being kept in the dark about my mother's condition, phoned the hospital, and thoroughly, kindly and gently, explained to me mom's condition (Brain Stem Encephalitis). I then realized the extent of Wellesley's 'clout'. That the President could speak with to neurosurgeons 3,000 miles away was quite impressive to my sheltered 18 year old self! And that she told me the truth (unlike my father's opaque commentary) was a sign of respect between two Wellesley women. She provided comfort and information when I needed both.