So I attended the conference in October for the Wellesley Effect. And I was blown away by the concept and the the potential. Wow. Love, love, love. Thing is that there is only potential if everyone buys in. Reality check: not a lot of people do. I invited two former classmates to join me for the event. Neither one of them got back to me. Later, I had a great heart-to-heart with an employment advisor at Wellesley (Yes, I'm super qualified as an employee. Just getting locked out these days because I am perhaps "over" qualified.). Her guidance was to go to LinkenIn. Wellsley would respond. Yeah, well, not so much. I tried to reach out to probably 100 alums, and I heard back from three. And that didn't account for the woman who SAT AT MY TABLE DURING THE CONFERENCE AND TOLD ME TO CONNECT ON LINKEDIN. Yeah, she dissed me. Nice. So Wellesley got rid of the online network that truly helped people get real jobs. And now that we somehow have this concept of the "Wellesley Effect," we don't actually help people any more. Big mistake from my perspective.